MAIL ORDER - Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy:
Email addresses of customers are used to send out periodic newsletters.
These can be cancelled if the customer so requires.
These email address and other customer information are not passed on to any third party.


Special mail order prices for Emanem & Psi:

10 British Pounds per CD.

2-CD sets (42xx, 52xx, 03.02/3, 04.03/4, 04.06/7, 07.05/6, 09.05/6) are 15 British Pounds each

3-CD sets (43xx, 53xx) are 20 British Pounds each

Some Emanem and psi CDs are being sold at reduced prices, which only apply if they are part of an order totalling over 10 British Pounds.


All prices are worldwide.
Items are usually sent in air mail small packets from Spain.
Recorded delivery costs 2 British pounds extra. See below.

Items are dispatched within 3 days, unless unusual circumstances prevent this.
Customers are notified of the probable dispatch date.
Any faulty items are replaced free of charge.


Payment methods:

Payment can be made using a credit card or Paypal using the shopping basket.
A 50% (fifty per cent) service charge is added to orders under 10 British Pounds,
or 15% (fifteen per cent) service charge is added to orders under 20 British Pounds,
or 10% (ten per cent) service charge is added to orders under 30 British Pounds,
or a 5% (five per cent) service charge is added to orders under 50 British Pounds.
These go towards Paypal's bank charges and also towards postage.

Warning: If you pay by American Express or Discover card, the amount may be converted from British Pounds to US Dollars, then back to your local currency, even if this is British Pounds! So you may pay extra to go through two conversions.

Please press the following button if you require signed-for delivery (with tracking).
The extra charge is 2 British pounds.

It is also possible to pay by internet funds transfer.
Details are available on request from

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