A downloading agreement is currently being negotiated.

Emanem & psi are currently NOT licensed for downloading.
However, there are outfits on the web who are offering Emanem & psi downloads.
Please do not pay them anything, as they are not paying anything for them, and are therefore acting illegally and immorally.
Even the ones that claim to be "legal" do not have any permission, and are not paying either the labels or the musicians.
It is difficult enough to survive financially on the money that does come in from legitimate sales,
so please continue to pay for genuine CDs and downloads.

There are also outfits on the internet offering complete Emanem and psi downloads for free.
I am all for giving things away for free, however, in this imperfect world, it costs money to produce CDs, and as we have limited funds we need to get money back.
In this situation Emanem & psi have been forced to put a virtual freeze on accepting new material.
You may gain in the short term by getting our music for free, but in the longer term, there may not be anything new for you to get.

Many thanks to all our loyal and responsible customers.

Martin Davidson