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Derek Bailey on Emanem CDs

5040 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Withdrawal" (1966-7)
5033 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Oliv & Familie" (1968-9)
5311 ISKRA 1903 "Chapter One" (1970-2)
4066 ISKRA 1903 "Buzz Soundtrack" (1970/1)

DEREK BAILEY "Fairly Early with Postscripts" (1971-98) EMANEM 4027

Solo electric guitar improvisations from 1971 (unedited) & 1974 - 1973 concert extracts with KENT CARTER & JOHN STEVENS - 1974 rehearsal extracts with ANTHONY BRAXTON - a 1979 cassette letter (edited less) - previously unissued 1980 acoustic guitar improvisations - postscripts from 1987 & 1998. Reissue of Emanem 3404 sections not on Emanem 4001, plus... 67 minutes.

Price 12 Euros


5013 ISKRA 1903 "Goldsmiths" (1972)
4024 STEVE LACY "Saxophone Special +" (1973-4)
4018 PAUL RUTHERFORD & ISKRA 1912 "Sequences 72 & 73" (1972-4)
4217 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Quintessence" (1973-4)
5038 ANTHONY BRAXTON & DEREK BAILEY "First Duo Concert" (1974)

DEREK BAILEY "Domestic & Public Pieces" (1975-7) EMANEM 4001

Solo acoustic guitar improvisations at home, some with telling spoken commentaries, plus solo stereo electric guitar improvisations (with two volume pedals and two speakers) in concert. A classic collection. Reissue of Quark 9999, with additional material from the same sessions that appeared on Caroline C1518 and Emanem 3404. 67 minutes.

Available from Incus

DEREK BAILEY "Lace" (1989) EMANEM 4013

The whole of a hugely successful solo Los Angeles concert, featuring two extended guitar improvisations, an encore, some chat and applause. There is nothing to edit out. The guitar was an acoustic one used with some amplification - the close digital recording makes it sound almost entirely acoustic. 57 minutes - previously unissued.

Available from Incus

4049 JOHN BUTCHER with DEREK BAILEY & RHODRI DAVIES "Vortices & Angels" (2000)
4059 IAN SMITH "Daybreak" (2000)
4087 FRODE GJERSTAD & DEREK BAILEY "Nearly a D" (2002)

DEREK BAILEY & MILO FINE "Scale Points on the Fever Curve" (2003) EMANEM 4099

The first gig on Milo Fine's extended visit to London found him playing clarinets, drums and electronic keyboard in cohort with Derek Bailey on electric guitar. They first worked together twenty years earlier, but this was the first time they performed as a duo. 58 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


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