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Terry Day on Emanem CDs

5211 GEORGE KHAN "Ah!" (1968-2005)
4102 PEOPLE BAND 1968
5201 PEOPLE BAND "69/70" (1969/70)
4038 THREE & FOUR PULLOVERS (1975-8)

TERRY DAY "Interruptions" (1978-1981) EMANEM 4125

Before ill health curtailed much of his activity in the late 1980s, Terry Day was a compelling force on a wide variety of instruments, as can be heard on these 29 solo improvisations and multi-tracks performed on piano, keyboards, alto & soprano saxophones, bamboo pipes, drums, percussion, cello, mandolin, home made instruments, balloons, toys, African thumb piano, voice, Chinese flutes, plastic trumpet, and a Michel Waisvisz crackle box. (There are also cameo appearances by Peter Cusack and Davey Payne on 3 punk rock songs.) 77 minutes - previously unissued.

Special price 9 Euros


4036 JOHN RUSSELL / MAARTEN ALTENA / TERRY DAY "The Fairly Young Bean" (1981)
4204 LOL COXHILL "Spectral Soprano" (1954-1999)
4201 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "Proceedings" (1999)
4203 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "The Hearing Continues" (2000)
4206 freedom of the city 2001 "large groups"
4090 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "freedom of the city 2002"
4110 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "Responses, Reproduction & Reality" (2003-4)

TERRY DAY "2006 Duos" EMANEM 4137

These five duos mark Terry Day's return to small group improvising after an over-long absence caused by ill health. He is mainly playing his home-made bamboo pipes, but also uses his voice (reciting two poems and otherwise) as well as an echo toy and a cold water bottle. His partners are CHARLOTTE HUG (viola & voice), RHODRI DAVIES (harp), PHIL MINTON (voice), HANNAH MARSHALL (cello) and JOHN RUSSELL (guitar). The duo with Hug comes from the 2006 freedom of the city festival.77 minutes.

Special price 6 Euros


4219 LONDON & GLASGOW IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRAS "Separately & Together" (2007)

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