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Charlotte Hug on Emanem CDs

4050 QUATUOR ACCORDE "Angel Gate" (1998-2000)
4203 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "The Hearing Continues" (2000)
4084 MARKUS EICHENBERGER "Domino Concept for Orchestra" (2001)
4205 freedom of the city 2001 "small groups"
4206 freedom of the city 2001 "large groups"

CHARLOTTE HUG "Neuland" (2001-2) EMANEM 4085

For her second solo album, Hug (pronounced 'hoog') concentrates on solo viola without any electronics in a series of pieces inspired by her recent visits to London. Her strong musical personality and original extended techniques ensure that this is a solo recital unlike any other. 61 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


4090 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "freedom of the city 2002"
4110 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "Responses, Reproduction & Reality" (2003-4)
4213 MILO FINE "Ikebana (London Encounters)" (2003)
4143 ELLIOTT SHARP & CHARLOTTE HUG "pi:k" (2004/5)
4137 TERRY DAY "2006 Duos"
5006 STELLARI STRING QUARTET "Gocce Stellari" (2006/7)


Both Charlotte Hug (viola and voice) & Frédéric Blondy (piano) use extended techniques on their respective instruments making their duo sound like no other. The feeling varies from agitated and fast to calm and still, and the sound world from acoustic to electronically mysterious even though no electronic manipulation is used. The CD is summed up in Dan Warburton's notes as 'top-notch music made by two outstanding performers with exceptional ears for pitch, rhythm, timbre and structure at the micro and macro level.' 73 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros

CHARLOTTE HUG & FRED LONBERG-HOLM "Fine Extensions" (2009) EMANEM 5012

Two string improvisers from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean who get on as though they grew up in the same neighbourhood. They first met in Chicago in 2005, and issued a duo CDR on the limited edition Flying Aspidistra label. Their second record contains the whole of a 2009 concert in Zürich featuring Hug's viola & voice and Lonberg-Holm's cello responding to each other at breathtaking speed. 53 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros

CHARLOTTE HUG "Slipway to Galaxies" (2010) EMANEM 5018

Charlotte Hug's third solo (unaccompanied) CD is the first to feature her voice as well as her viola. The two are used together to create an even more complex instrument than before sometimes sounding like a duo performance. Recorded in her home town of Zürich after several visits to Cork in Ireland, she has subtly absorbed elements of the Celtic tradition into her wordless singing and playing. Her previously known imagination and expertise on the viola are now matched and enhanced by the prowess of her voice. 65 minutes.

Price 12 Euros

5047 STELLARI STRING QUARTET "Vulcan" (2016)

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