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People Band on Emanem CDs

also George Khan


An expanded reissue of the only recording published at the time by one of the pioneering free improvisation groups. The People Band took a much more 'anything goes' approach than their contemporaries, so they covered a lot of ground from chamber-esque music and free jazz to free improvisation and conductions. Featuring Mel Davis, Terry Day, Lyn Dobson, Eddie Edem, Tony Edwards, Mike Figgis, Frank Flowers, Russell Hardy, Terry Holman & George Khan. Reissue of Transatlantic TRA 214 with extra material. 54 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


PEOPLE BAND "69/70" EMANEM 5201 2-CD set

Following on from their only prior published recording ('1968' reissued on Emanem 4102),
here are more than two hours of previously unissued recordings from 1969 and 1970, featuring:
Mel Davis, Terry Day, Lynn Dobson, Eddie Edem, Tony Edwards, Mike Figgis, Russell Hardy,
Adam Hart, Charlie Hart, Terry Holman, Iain Jacobs, Paul Jolly, George Khan, Albert Kovitz,
Michael O’Dwyer (Spoon), Davey Payne, Butch Potter, Geoffrey Prowse & Rose Widdison.

Very different musics recorded in four very different locations:
(1) a studio session in a central London studio;
(2) an indoor jam at Mel Davies’ house in north London;
(3) a quintet club gig at the Paradiso in Amsterdam; &
(4) two outdoor jams in Trent Park woods near London.
This was around the time the People Band was ejected from the Anarchists Annual Ball for being too musically anarchic.
All previously unissued. 128 minutes.

Special price 12 Euros

GEORGE KHAN "Ah!" EMANEM 5211 2-CD set

George Khan could be called a forgotten pioneer of the London free music scenes, except that anyone who has heard or seen or met him could surely never forget him. A superb saxophonist and flautist, as well as one of the nicest and most laid-back people - he is capable of outputting an apparently endless stream of what is generally called Fire Music.
Meeting up with Terry Day in the mid-1960s, Khan became a member of the People Band, and since then has mostly combined his musical and theatrical talents in the People Show. On this long overdue first album featuring him playing free improvisation in small groups, he can be heard in four different settings in different London venues at various times in his career:
(1) a duo gig with Terry Day at the LMC around 1980;
(2) a quintet with Albert Kovitz, Peter Lemer, Frank Flowers and Day at an art college sit-in in 1968;
(3) a trio gig with Charlie Hart and Day at the Unity Theatre around 1975; &
(4) two short solos on flute and baritone sax at the Red Rose around 2005.
All previously unissued. 143 minutes.

Price 18 Euros

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