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Veryan Weston on Emanem CDs

also Caetitu, Haste and Trio of Uncertainty

4052 LOL COXHILL "Digswell Duets" (1978)
4204 LOL COXHILL "Spectral Soprano" (1954-1999)
4021 LOL COXHILL & VERYAN WESTON "Boundless" (1998)


The whole of a superb concert - proof that there is still plenty of life and freshness to be found in the all acoustic piano / double bass / percussion format. Unlike any other such group, absorbing influences as diverse as Bela Bartok, Paul Bley, Conlan Nancarrow and Cecil Taylor. 61 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


VERYAN WESTON & CAROLINE KRAABEL "Five Shadows" (1999-2000) EMANEM 4048

An improvising duo on tour visiting five places in England. Weston's thoughtful yet emotional piano combined with Kraabel's remarkable rapid alternation between alto saxophone and voice, result in some radical duets. 67 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


JON ROSE & VERYAN WESTON "Temperament" (2000-2) EMANEM 4207 2-CD set

A selection of improvisations using differing tunings (Pythagoran, Just intonation, Meantone 1/4 comma, Equal, and Rosenberg Augmented) derived from science, history and the imagination - featuring Rose on various violins, and Weston on various keyboards (piano, fortepiano, harpsichord, organ, harmonium & electronics), recorded in various locations in Europe. 147 minutes.

Special price 12 Euros


4059 IAN SMITH "Daybreak" (2000)
4203 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "The Hearing Continues" (2000)
4074 LOL COXHILL & VERYAN WESTON "Worms Organising Archdukes" (2000-1)
4205 freedom of the city 2001 "small groups"
4206 freedom of the city 2001 "large groups"
4086 LOL COXHILL "Out to Launch" (2001-2)

TREVOR WATTS & VERYAN WESTON "6 Dialogues" (2001) EMANEM 4069

Watts' first free improvisation record in around 25 years finds him playing soprano & alto saxophones with Weston on piano. Six superlative unedited duets recorded at Gateway Studio. 61 minutes.

Out of stock

4209 "The All Angels Concerts" (1999-2001)
4210 freedom of the city 2002 "small groups"
4090 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "freedom of the city 2002"

VERYAN WESTON / JOHN EDWARDS / MARK SANDERS "Gateway to Vienna" (2002-3) EMANEM 4214 2-CD set

Following the critical success of their Mercury Concert EMANEM 4028, this finest of piano/bass/drums acoustic improvising groups can be heard in two major helpings of music - six medium-length pieces recorded at Gateway Studios in London, and two extended workouts from a gig at the Porgy & Bess Club in Vienna. 152 minutes.

Special price 12 Euros


VERYAN WESTON "Allusions" (2002) EMANEM 5001

Most of an solo piano concert performed in Bordeaux. The free improvising basically follows on from his 1993 recording Playing Alone (Acta 9). It is mostly a leap forward from the earlier album, but there are also some fond looks backwards as when fragments of tunes from the jazz age creep in. One can hear the influence of the two major pianists of the 1960s - both the spaciousness of Paul Bley and the density of Cecil Taylor - and also that of composers, most notably Béla Bartók and, above all, Conlon Nancarrow, who used piano rolls to create music not playable by mere mortals. Out of all these influences, Weston has long found his own voice in a style that is administered strictly through the keyboard and pedals. His improvising ranges from somewhat isolated pecks at the keyboard to involved passages that sound impossible for one pianist to play. There are times when his left and right hands sound like fairly unrelated entities, as if there was a duet going on. 79 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros

4091 THE GATHERING "For John Stevens" (2002)

VERYAN WESTON "Tessellations for Luthéal Piano" (2003) EMANEM 4095

A concert performance using a very rare Luthéal piano. The composer/improviser writes: "Visual interlocking symmetries and geometric shapes are transferred to the audible world of rhythm and counterpoint, with the spirit and energy of jazz, improvisation and folk music always at the heart of the performance. The piece contains a sequence of 52 closely linked pentatonic scales. Each scale has two pre-established areas in which ideas for improvisations can be explored and developed, and because the piece is continuous, the player and listeners take part in a journey that lasts about one hour." (Two later versions performed by another pianist and a nine-piece a cappella choir can be heard on Emanem 5015.) 62 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


4110 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "Responses, Reproduction & Reality" (2003-4)
4216 freedom of the city 2005
4140 PHIL MINTON QUARTET "Slur" (2006)

TRIO OF UNCERTAINTY "Unlocked" (2007) EMANEM 4141

VERYAN WESTON (piano), HANNAH MARSHALL (cello) & SATOKO FUKUDA (violin). A leading member of the London improvising scene teams up with two very talented newer members, both of whom come from 'classical' backgrounds. The result is improvised chamber music of the highest order, with no sign of any uncertainty. 61 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


4219 LONDON & GLASGOW IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRAS "Separately & Together" (2007)
5045 PAUL RUTHERFORD "In Backwards Times" (1979-2007)

CAETITU (2007) EMANEM 4149

YEDO GIBSON (tenor saxophone & Eb clarinet), VERYAN WESTON (piano), MARCIO MATTOS (double bass & electronics), MARTIN BLUME (percussion). This quartet, named after a Brazilian animal, contains two musicians who grew up in Brazil more than 30 years apart, and one each from Britain and Germany. However, improvised music is an international language in which they are all fluent. The three seasoned improvisers are joined a newcomer who does not sound at all like a novice. Their improvisations range from white heat to calm reflection. 52 minutes.

Extra special price 4 Euros


VERYAN WESTON "Different Tessellations" (2010) EMANEM 5015

Two very different versions of Weston's compositional framework based on a cycle of pentatonic scales. Tessellations I explores the possibilities of improvising with a pre-established form as a soloist and was conceived for acoustic piano. (The composer recorded a version in 2003 on a Luthéal piano in Brussels released as Emanem 4095). Only the first half of the 2010 version by the young concert and improvising pianist LEO SVIRSKY is included here because of CD durational limitations. His interpretation of the piece is very much his own. Tessellations II explores the possibilities of improvising with the same pre-established form in a group situation. The organisation of the piece, with its use of cycles and loops, was inspired by working with Trevor Watts' Moiré Music in the 1980s. It was composed for THE VOCIFEROUS CHOIR, - nine a cappella singers mostly based around Graz in Austria - Anush Apoyan, Iris Ederer, Annette Giesriegl, Dorothea Jaburek, Sofija Knezevic, Siruan Küng, Franz Schmuck, Patrik Thurner & Veryan Weston. It is a mix of lines and layers that can be found in the polyphony of Renaissance contrapuntalists and the Pygmies of Central West Africa. There is no text or narrative, so the piece transcends any national border or literal meaning, resulting in a rhythmic tribute to the human voice that should have a very wide appeal. 76 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


Haste is a improvising trio that has been in existence for a few years. This Barcelona concert shows how well they create together. Pianist Veryan Weston has been a leading member of the London improvisation scene for decades with numerous releases on Emanem and elsewhere. Cellist Hannah Marshall is a newer arrival who is already much in demand. Both have also been involved in pre-composed music. Saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock has been a part of the London jazz scene since she arrived here around 20 years ago, but has been moving in somewhat freer circles since her recent move to New York City. Together they improvise chamber music of the highest order. 56 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros

TREVOR WATTS & VERYAN WESTON "5 More Dialogues" (2011) EMANEM 5017

In the ten years since their first duo recording, 6 DIALOGUES (Emanem 4069), saxophonist Trevor Watts and pianist Veryan Weston have performed numerous times as a duo in various parts of Europe and the Americas. This second recording shows the close rapport this free improvising duo have developed as a result of this continued work. 59 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros

VERYAN WESTON "Discoveries on Tracker Action Organs" (2014) EMANEM 5044

After superb solo CDs on piano and luthéal piano, Veryan Weston makes an equally fine solo organ album. Touring England in search of tracker-action organs, Weston tried about 40 to see if both the instrument and the space were suitable for the planned trio TUNING OUT TOUR. In several cases there wasn't the opportunity to try them extensively, but in others it was possible to get beyond the discoveries of the particular instrument, and make some magnificent music. This collection consists of seven such instances in seven locations, with the resulting pieces lasting from two to twenty-four minutes. 63 minutes.

Price 12 Euros


Improvised pieces for tracker-action organs and strings recorded in five English churches. Because these organs are entirely mechanical, there is a more direct physical relationship between the instrument and the player. When each stop is very carefully and slowly pulled while a key is pressed, a myriad of uncertain transitional stages of sound is produced. Thus organist Veryan Weston has a much wider of range of tones than he would have if he were playing a piano or electric organ. Violinist Jon Rose and cellist Hannah Marshall adjust the tuning of their instruments to fit in with the particular environment, resulting in music not usually heard in churches (or anywhere else). 155 minutes.

Price 18 Euros

5048 CAROLINE KRAABEL "Last1 & Last2" (2016/7)

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