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'Second Generation' Improvising Groupings on Emanem CDs

OTHERWAYS and FREE SPACE "Life Amid the Artefacts" (1973/84) EMANEM 5014

The bulk of this CD features OTHERWAYS, a 'second generation' London group that has not appeared on record before. This delayed publication, combined with the general lack of recognition of the musicians involved, does not prepare one for the excellent music they made together, distinctly different from other groups of the period. HERMAN HAUGE (alto saxophone), MARC MEGGIDO (double bass) and DAVE SOLOMON (percussion) are heard in two 1973 quartets, one with NIGEL COOMBES (violin) the other with SIMON MORTIMER (piano). There are also some saxophone/percussion duets from 1984. The remaining 15 minutes feature another previously unissued group from 1973, FREE SPACE, which was assembled by JOHN STEVENS to explore medium-sized improvisation with mostly 'second generation' performers. The other participants being TREVOR WATTS, HERMAN HAUGE, JOHN RUSSELL, NIGEL COOMBES, RON HERMAN, MARC MEGGIDO and DAVE SOLOMON. 76 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros

"Teatime" (1973-5) EMANEM 5009

The 1975 release of the TEATIME LP introduced the outside world to five of the 'second generation' London-based improvisers: STEVE BERESFORD (piano & toys), NIGEL COOMBES (violin & low grade electronics), JOHN RUSSELL (electric guitar), DAVE SOLOMON (percussion) & GARRY TODD (tenor saxophone). The main contents are two brutally-edited quartet performances (one without Todd and one without Coombes), plus a complete saxophone/guitar duo, all from 1975. There are also two very short percussion codas from the previous year. Added to the CD is a no-holds-barred guitar/percussion duo from 1973. The music is a pleasure in itself as well as being of historical interest. Unlike the 'first generation' that tended to perform in groups with fairly stable personnels, the 'second generation' tended to change line-up every gig, inspiring Derek Bailey to start his Company series.
Reissue of Incus LP 15 with additional material. 53 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


A trio concert by STEVE BERESFORD (toys & electronics), NIGEL COOMBES (violin & electronics) & ROGER SMITH (guitar) described by Beresford as "a cross between an SME tiny-elements-interlocking-thing and an AMM landscape.". Plus excerpts from a quartet concert 3 years later with BERESFORD also playing piano & euphonium, COOMBES just on violin, SMITH continuing on guitar and TERRY DAY on percussion, alto saxophone, cello and mandolin. Reissue of Quartz-Mirliton Cassette 12 with extra material from a later concert. 76 minutes.

Price 12 Euros

NIGEL COOMBES & STEVE BERESFORD "White String's Attached" (1979) EMANEM 5032

These 1979 duo concert performances were generally considered, by a handful of people, to be the most significant advance in violin & piano music for around 200 years. Eugene Chadbourne considers the music to be demented, so you know it must be very special. He went on to say: 'These duets are, above all, truly enjoyable to listen to. The timing is uncanny, as is the sense of drama.' Reissue of Bead LP 16 with 6 more duo minutes plus a 12 minute violin solo. 71 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


Here is a second mighty helping, this time from 1997 studio & concert performances. The two of them had not performed many violin & piano duos in the interim but they carry on as if they had been playing together regularly. A very worthy follow-up collection even if you don't have the first one. 75 minutes.

CD deleted

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