All releases on Emanem and psi are CDs, not CDRs.

Evan Parker begins a new chapter in the work he started in 1970 with Incus Records. After leaving Incus and a long period of working with other independent labels E.P. has decided to start a new label of his own (assisted by Martin Davidson of Emanem).

Much has changed in the intervening years. The LP format with all its attendant technical woes and disappointments has been replaced by CD; the technology and economics have changed markedly in favour of the small independent producer; a whole global culture for improvised music has developed.

Obviously neither the idea of free music nor the small musician controlled label are the news they were back then. As one of the pioneers in the field, E.P. is optimistic.

"P.S. I called it psi for all the associations with irrational numbers, golden ratios etc but above all for the Psi phenomena which I am convinced are at the heart of improvised music making." E.P.

Mission Statement:

"At a key moment somewhere, sometime on the road, Han Bennink asked rhetorically 'Whatever happened to the art of the Individual?'.

At psi this is our only interest. Our reason for making records is to present unique statements from individuals making music their own way regardless of genre. The catalogue reflects the particular musical taste and appetites of one man, who hopes that there are enough potential supporters for each release to make an on going relationship between musician and listener a dynamic reality."

As a working musician I am not able to operate an efficient office. Even the customary courtesies along the lines of, "Thank you for your recent communication etc..." are often more than I can manage. This is a general apology for the lack of such courtesy to all those who have sent material for consideration and have not heard from me. E.P.

Psi CDs are available from Emanem on the same terms as Emanem CDs.

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