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Paul Rutherford on Emanem CDs

also Iskra 1903, Iskra 1912 and RoTToR

5029 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Challenge" (1966-7)
5040 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Withdrawal" (1966-7)
4134 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Frameworks" (1968/71/73)

ISKRA 1903 "Chapter One" (1970-2) Emanem 5311 3-CD set

Classic concert & studio performances by the innovative trio of PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone & piano), DEREK BAILEY (guitar) & BARRY GUY (double bass). Reissue of Emanem 4301, which was a much expanded reissue of Incus 3/4. 194 minutes.

Price 24 Euros

ISKRA 1903 "Buzz Soundtrack" (1970-1) Emanem 4066

PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), DEREK BAILEY (guitar) & BARRY GUY (double bass) performing a soundtrack for a film. Somewhat more restrained and gentle than their live performances (as heard on CHAPTER ONE Emanem 4301), but still very fine music. 79 minutes - previously unissued (except on film).

Price 12 Euros


ISKRA 1903 "Goldsmiths" (1972) Emanem 5013

A previously unissued concert by the original version of Iskra 1903 - PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), DEREK BAILEY (guitar) and BARRY GUY (double bass). Arguably their best extended concert captured on record. Plus two short extracts from another concert. 75 minutes - previously unissued.

Price 12 Euros

PAUL RUTHERFORD & ISKRA 1912 "Sequences 72 & 73" (1972-4) Emanem 4018

Two of the finest extended compositions for improvisers - the only published examples of Rutherford's early work in that idiom - featuring MAGGIE NICOLS & NORMA WINSTONE (voices), KENNY WHEELER (trumpet), MALCOLM GRIFFITHS, PAUL NIEMAN & GEOFF PERKINS (trombones), DICK HART (tuba), DAVE WHITE (clarinets and saxophones), EVAN PARKER (saxophones), HOWARD RILEY (piano), BARRY GUY (bass), plus TREVOR WATTS (saxophones) in 1972, and plus DEREK BAILEY (guitar) & TONY OXLEY (electronics) in 1973 - all conducted by the composer. Also included is a 4 minute trombone solo by Rutherford from a 1974 concert. 57 minutes - previously unissued.

CD deleted

PAUL RUTHERFORD "The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie" (1974) Emanem 4019

The definitive solo trombone album. "This is certainly one of the best LPs of the year." (John Litweiler, 1977) "A tour de force which must be heard to be believed." (Victor Schonfield, 1987) "The best record of solo free improvising you are likely to find." (Derek Bailey, 1987) Reissue of Emanem 3305 (3403) with extra material from the same sessions (and a lot less pre-echo) - 55 minutes.

Price 12 Euros


PAUL RUTHERFORD "Solo in Berlin 1975" Emanem 4144

Recorded a year after his acclaimed masterpiece, The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie, these three festival sets are at least as good. They find Rutherford at his most original and inventive, making wild music by enhancing his trombone with his voice, with mutes and other objects, as well as using his awesome speed and stunning range. No-one else has made the trombone sound like this, before or since. 75 minutes. 5 minutes originally on an FMP sampler - the rest is previously unissued.

Special price 8 Euros


PAUL RUTHERFORD "Neuph" (1978/80) Emanem 4118

To make his third solo album, Rutherford went into a studio with both trombone and euphonium and used over-dubbing techniques to create unique pieces involving up to four brass instruments. The only completely solo performance features the euphonium. A couple of short tracks feature the trombone played back at double speed - one of them accompanied by a howling dog (the only other performer involved). This CD also includes two superb solo trombone improvisations recorded in Italian concerts a couple of years later. Reissue of SFA LP 092 with extra material. 70 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


PAUL RUTHERFORD "Tetralogy" (1978-1982) Emanem 5202 2-CD set

A 2-CD set containing four very different settings all featuring PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone & euphonium):
two festival solos - one with electronics and the other without;
a festival brass quartet with GEORGE LEWIS (trombone), MARTIN MAYES (French horn) & MELVYN POORE (tuba);
and a studio trio with PAUL ROGERS (double bass) & NIGEL MORRIS (drum set).
The electronically enhanced solo and the brass quartet are unlike anything else in Rutherford's discography.
All previously unissued. 141 minutes.

Special price 12 Euros

5027 STEVENS/RUTHERFORD/PARKER/GUY "One Four and Two Twos" (1978/79/92)

PAUL RUTHERFORD "in Backward Times" (1979-2007) Emanem 5045

Four very different concert settings featuring sensational performances by trombonist PAUL RUTHERFORD:
two festival solos - one from 1979 with electronics and the other from 2004 without;
a 1988 duo with PAUL ROGERS (double bass) a few months before their ROGUES CD;
and from 2007 a trio with VERYAN WESTON (piano) and MARCIO MATTOS (cello & electronics)
- a very promising group, except that this turned out to be Rutherford's last public appearance.
All previously unissued. 76 minutes.

Price 12 Euros

5209 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ORCHESTRA "Search & Reflect" (1973-81)

ISKRA 1903 "Chapter Two" (1981/3) Emanem 4303 3-CD set

PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone, euphonium & electronics), PHILIPP WACHSMANN (violin & electronics), and BARRY GUY (double bass & electronics). The first time any early recordings of this trio have been issued. The bulk of the music in this set comes from a late 1983 tour of England - 4 concerts in 6 days - during which this trio used more electronics than before or since. The music in each concert moved in different directions, so it all had to be included. There are also two slightly earlier performances, one of which has saxophonist EVAN PARKER added to make the group Iskra 1904 for about 16 minutes. 223 minutes - previously unissued.

Special price 16 Euros

PAUL RUTHERFORD TRIO "GHEIM - live at Bracknell 1983" Emanem 5034

A short-lived improvising trio, featuring the trombonist with PAUL ROGERS (double bass) and NIGEL MORRIS (drums), that the leader put together to explore more free jazz-like areas than usual. Rutherford and Rogers play to their expected very high standards (even though it was one of the bassist's earliest recordings), while Morris shows why he is missed so much since he quit this music. The whole of their Bracknell Jazz Festival set is included along with some studio recordings. 77 minutes - Reissue of Emanem 4107 (which was a reissue of Ogun cassette OGC531 with extra material).

Price 12 Euros


PAUL RUTHERFORD "Trombolenium" (1986-1995) Emanem 4072

A collection of adventurous trombone solos recorded over nine years in four different spaces - two club rooms (one very dry), an Italian jazz festival, and a very resonant church. 76 minutes - previously unissued.

Out of stock

4204 LOL COXHILL "Spectral Soprano" (1954-1999)

PAUL RUTHERFORD & PAUL ROGERS "Rogues" (1988) Emanem 4007

A sensational concert of trombone & double bass duos & solos by two of the greatest exponents of their respective instruments. Their opening 40 minute duet is a remarkable example of sustained extended improvisation. 78 minutes - previously unissued.

Special price 8 Euros


ISKRA 1903 "South on the Northern" (1988/9) Emanem 5203 2-CD set

PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), PHILIPP WACHSMANN (violin & electronics), and BARRY GUY (double bass & electronics). Two concerts in south London pubs - examples of free group improvisation at its very best, which just go to show that there was no musical reason for the hitherto gap in the documentation of this superb trio. 151 minutes - previously unissued.

Price 18 Euros

ISKRA 1903 "Frankfurt 1991" Emanem 4051

A very fine concert by the trio of PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), PHILIPP WACHSMANN (violin & electronics) and BARRY GUY (amplified double bass). The first set comprises a 33 minutes piece - the second set includes one solo performance each. 74 minutes - previously unissued.

Special price 8 Euros


RoTToR "The First Full Turn" (1998) Emanem 4026

The complete first quartet performance by PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), JULIE TIPPETT (voice), KEITH TIPPETT (piano) & PAUL ROGERS (double bass) - the highlight of the Le Mans festival. Plus a trombone solo from earlier in the year. 67 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


4205 freedom of the city 2001 "small groups"
4206 freedom of the city 2001 "large groups"
4086 LOL COXHILL "Out to Launch" (2001-2)

PAUL RUTHERFORD "Chicago 2002" Emanem 4082

Rutherford's appearance at the Empty Bottle Festival was his first visit to America apart from two previous tours in orchestras. His 31 minute trombone solo shows him still to be at the top of his game. The following day he was asked to organise a septet with JEB BISHOP (trombone), LOL COXHILL (soprano saxophone), MATS GUSTAFSSON (tenor saxophone), FRED LONBERG-HOLM (cello & electronics), KENT KESSLER (double bass) and KJELL NORDESON (percussion). They performed a concerto featuring Coxhill and a free improvisation. 77 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros



The day after their Empty Bottle appearances (Emanem 4082 & Emanem 4086), these three travelled to Milwaukee for a concert, that featured superb unaccompanied solos by Rutherford (trombone), Müller (double bass) & Coxhill (soprano sax), as well as two short duos and a trio. 73 minutes.

Special price 8 Euros


4210 freedom of the city 2002 "small groups"
4090 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "freedom of the city 2002"
4215 freedom of the city 2004 "small groups"
4110 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "Responses, Reproduction & Reality" (2003-4)
4216 freedom of the city 2005

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